What exactly Studio Impress caters…

What exactly Studio Impress caters…

Studio Impress is basically works in four main streams, namely beauty retouching, fashion and editorial retouching, Concept retouching and compositing.

With our sheer knowledge of the field, our retouching studio has earned itself a name worldwide. We edit simple images and make it appealing, scintillating, exuberant, and the list of the adjectives goes on… We have been acclaimed world wide for our impeccable retouching services.

Our main clients belong to the fashion industry, magazines, advertisement agencies, business houses, photo studios, etc. However, we are open to cater individuals as well who are photo chromic and wish to enhance their subjects.

Our surety

Right from the stage of pre- production, we make sure that all your requirements are catered to in the best manner. However, our job does not end only at delivering the image, but we stand by your side in post- production as well. We believe in taking a full responsibility of our work and believe in making necessary additions as and when required.

We cater to the astute audience who have the ability to judge the value of creativity and ability of revamping an image. With vivacious knowledge, our retouching studio has earned itself a good name world wide and has attracted several gazers to its attention.


Our retouching studio does not only deliver retouching services, however, we are in the field of commercial photography as well. Though Studio Impress is focused mainly on retouching, however, we understand the need of commercial photography as well which goes hand- in- hand with the former field. Our highly skilled professionals click impressive pictures of inanimate objects and edit it such a way that the lifeless object begins breathing. We give your product a feasty look to leave no grounds of loosening attention of the people.

In this world of tough competition, business houses are busy in making its product look superior in every way and marring the success of its competitor. In case you are also running the same race, then we guess Studio Impress can really make you win the race by filling in the missing gap between the success and thrown back.

We aim at cherishing your needs and creating pictures which create an ever lasting impact on the viewer. With our incomparable and deep knowledge of the work, we stand the capability of making you the king of your industry.