Touch that enhances your beauty

Touch that enhances your beauty

Retouching is the modern day art which revamps your beauty by driving away the flaws of your skin and making it mildly beautiful.

Retouching is basically photo manipulation which involves brushing away the flaws of the subject making it look more appealing and charming.

A retouching artist

A retouching artist works on the pixel level skin, make-up, hair correction and smoothening, etc. This job demands vast level patience as it involves extremely detailed work. Another major talent which is required in a retouching artist is the sense of color selection. Often, people lack the knowledge of using the right color combination which matches the subject. This is where the difference between a talented and immature retouching artist lies. The retouching artist works pixel- by- pixel by selecting color tones carefully to make a perfect blend of beauty and charm.

At Studio Impress

We, at Studio Impress are best in delivering the same services with utmost dedication and sincerity blended perfectly with quality work. We believe in delivering the best of art and know your needs very well.

We feel extremely proud to boast off the talent of our competitive staff which excels in the task and due to whom we have been able to build a name for ourselves in the market. We invite you to experience our unique work which will leave you with enthralling results because we perfectly understand your needs.

Our services

Studio Impress is one- stop where your search of perfect result ends. We specialize in beauty retouching, fashion and editorial retouching, concept retouching and compositing.

Beauty retouching deals with embellishing the beauty of a face and making it look flawless. Fashion and editorial retouching involves the retouching on clothing, accessories and other add- ons worn by the subject.

The concept retouching deals with intensifying the aura of the subject. This involves image retouching by making it look more impressive and appealing.

Compositing is the work which is done mainly on the backgrounds of the subject. Changing of background creates a huge impact on the subject. Thus, making it more scintillating and exuberant.

Beautifying a simple subject is what we are good at! We beckon you with open arms to try our services, simply because Studio Impress stands with the sole aim of delivering you world- class retouching services. Studio Impress does not serve you, but strives to maintain long- lasting relation.