Studio Impres – the finest Image Retouching Company

Studio Impres – the finest Image Retouching Company

Introduction of the company

Studio Impres is one of a kind company that offers one of kind solutions. It is a high end retouching company that offers services to retouch and edit photographs. It offers any and every services related to post-production of the photographs. It offers premium quality, high end services for professional in the field such as magazines, professional photographers, ad agencies, studios and publication houses amongst several clients.

The company guarantees high quality images with an added touch of class and a scent of perfection. It offers its services for client who can appreciate beauty and have a flair for brilliance. They believe in caring for the needs of their customers and always end up exceeding their expectations, and it is precisely this that makes them so much better than the competition. This professional image retouching company has gained popularity for its fine work across many continents.

The clientele

Studio Impres is a retouching company that deals in premium, high end and immensely fashionable segment where the value of a great presentation is significantly appreciated. Its clients include the trend setters from across many sectors. Some of their big clients include Dolce and Gabbana, Nasir Rauf designs, Stefan Jermann, and IMAGEination amongst many others.

Services offered

Studio Impres is majorly a retouching company as its core competency includes image retouching services. It offers four lines of services in the field of image retouching. But, Along with it, it also offers many more services related to post-processing of images. They have expertise in high-end editing of commercial photography. Some of the range of products that they are familiar with includes food, clothing lines, perfume, cosmetics, accessories, watches and jewellery. The years of experience has made them the industry pioneers in editing images of various objects, exteriors, interiors and real estate. They have an experienced team of world-class professionals that bring that feeling of perfection to all their photographs which serves the purpose of attracting increased attention to the client’s business and increasing their visibility and business online by driving internet traffic towards their business website.


Although the company is based out of Lithuania Vilnius, it is a company that is having a global presence across many countries. To find out more about the company or about the services offered by the company, one can visit To get in touch with them to find out any information, you can write a mail to [email protected].